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Handmade Greeting cards

Hi, my name is Olivia. I'm a high school student from Upstate New York. I've been supplying my entire family with free greeting cards for years, but after some encouragement from my aunt and parents, I decided to start Curly Q Creations and sell my work. I create cards for all occasions, so if you're looking for a card I don't have, I'm happy to work with you to design the perfect card to meet you needs.

Your purchase not only supports my small business, but also helps The Sherman Free Library in Port Henry, New York. I donate 10% of all proceeds to the library.

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"Totally nailed my personalized Dwight ScHrute Birthday Card"

-Jack Ives

"These are the prettiest cards; I love the watercolors"

-g. Baker

"Soooo cute!"

-Amelia Kazlo

"Completely Satisfied with every order! Will remain a loyal" Customer"

-Jennifer Ives